Neil deGrasse Tyson project

Surely need to discuss Neil deGrasse Tyson project. I’m talking about this one, of course: Space Odyssey. Well, nobody will believe it right now, but it was a complete coincidence!

Odysseus Kosmos first concept was written in middle 2015. Development of the Pilot has started in May 2016 and technically Pilot was finished at late summer.

From very beginning there was idea to use “Space Odyssey” words combination, maybe change words somehow to tell player game theme immediately. Main character also was described in first concepts.

And then, after demo, when i’m almost ready to announce the game – Neil deGrasse Tyson coming with his project! Well, that was a surprise!

There was lot of assumptions after that – do we get mixed up with that project, or maybe everyone will think, that we try to get tag along or that everybody will think – that our project is a parody.

Truth is – nope. We don’t have any connection. Only space exploration as main theme of the game.

And of course I have great respect for Neil deGrasse and his project and wish him success and everything.


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