Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest development

Ok, what’s all the buzz is about.

Right now i’m developing a classic point’n’click retro-style adventure game with funny and strange name “Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest”. Yep, i know there is too many words and everything – but – it’s humorous game, even a parody sometimes – so why not?

Game is about lonely astronaut which is waiting (for many years!) for the rest of his crew including captain on a huge space ship on a distant planet nearby black hole. (Not so funny  eh?) Yep, but we’ll try)

Anyway, we’ll try just to make it alive and not to get crazy. And it will be good enough already.

There will be cool Sierra style retro-pixels and classical adventure gameplay. Don’t be afraid of my english – my US friend John William Narins helps me with translations and proof reading.

There will be free demo (Episode 0) (almost ready for publishing!) and then Episodes 1-5 coming next year.

And that is is important: it will be a classical quest. Classical. Yes, you will need to think. No pixelhunting, ok. I can give up that much.

Also as an experiment there will be special mode for visually impaired people and game can be fully completed in that way.

P.S. And wait – do you already seen this before?.. Lonely astronaut, planet near black hole? Maybe. (i’m love that movie too).

Some art – our main character!



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