Why and what.

Thinking about my reasons in development of that game, in first time i’m always remembering strong feeling of disappointment that i have after Life is Strange first episode.

Well, it’s nice game. (“interactive movie”, yeah), i can say that, but…

It’s started so well! I remember how i was sitting in that class, looking on the objects on the desk, hoping that i’m (at least!) playing some real adventure with real puzzles. And first few minutes, when i’m walked in a class, still hoping. I’m start to suspect worst after 5 minutes of the game. To the end of the first episode – everything was crystal clear. Another “interactive movie”. I was hoping for 10, maybe even 12 hours of puzzles, thinking, brilliant solutions, real small world to explore etc. But instead – another “interactive movie” with sequence of prescripted scenes.

I’ve got same feelings playing “The Cave”, though not so disappointing, because there everything was clear from the very beginning.

And the i think – “hey, i can do it myself”. Yep. If there is not many of real adventure games and i know what exactly do i need – so i can do it myself.

Well – and here it is. Developing and hoping not to lose my spirit.


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