Odysseus Kosmos image

Main character is a ship’s engineer. Also he is funny and like to eat and sleep. So all of these things must be clear enough just by looking at him.

Me and Roman (artist, i’m really need to make post about him) find a main image really soon. It was clear for both of us that our hero is chubby with a little belly (but no too much, because he is ship’s engineer anyway and have lot of work – which, anyway, he is not to happy to complete). He has a glasses – ok, good point.

But what with accessory? Maybe tools or something. Yes, we’ve experiment here a lot! He can’t have too many tools, because it will be bad for gameplay (we love puzzles with tools). Maybe bag or something – but who’s wearing bag all the time.

At one moment i have an idea of some sort of orange scapular with radio, beacon and flashlight. That was cool, and i still like that idea much. I think, we’ll use it on poster. But currently in Pilot Oddy not yet wearing it, only wristbands with few sensors. Maybe in Episode 1.

And here is a few ideas that we’ve try:





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